About Us


With over 200 members, Riverdale Presbyterian Church at University Park is a part of the Presbyterian Church (USA) and partners in ministry with 116 other churches of the National Capitol Presbytery. Our church has a deep history in the area and is rooted in the early foundations of Scots Presbyterianism in America. We have seminary educated clergy, a very qualified staff and highly skilled musicians and teachers.


Consisting of members from many differnt nations of birth, our church celebrates both variety and its unity as together we minister in the name of Jesus Christ.


Because of our central location on Queens Chapel Road, our church family comes from a number of towns and cities in Montgomery and Prince George's County.


We are strongly community-oriented and active in ecumenical activities and local mission in this area and beyond. We welcome into partnership all who share our vision and mission, that encompasses our deep concern for the well-being of the children, youth, adults and the environment of the communities we share.