What we learned on the Confirmation Retreat :


1.  We as Presbyterians don't have all the answers, but we do like to ask questions!


2.  Confucianism doesn't deal with God but more about humanism.


3.  The Confucian symbol of yin and yang means balance.


4. The PCUSA symbol has meaning and hidden symbols 


(see  ).


5. We grow in faith over our whole lives. Faith connects us to life beyond earth and grounds us.


6. Everyone has gifts to give the church and the world.


7. Mormonism has 3 important texts and a 2 year mission for young adults.


8.  There are 12 original saints in Mormonism.


9. Stay away from cults if they ask for money, keep secrets and keep you away from others and/or say that they are the only way to God.


10. We learned about Martin Luther, John Calvin, John Knox and Francis Makemie (founded US Presbyterianism).


11.  We learned about the history of religion that we can share with friends on International/Faith night.




Confirmation on Palm Sunday, April 13, 2014