Kids Church

September 14th - Kids' Church lessons will begin right after the Children's Time t in Worship service, until 11:00 am. All ages will be studying lessons and stories from the Old Testament.  Some of the stories that we will be covering are: Adam and Eve; Abraham and Sarah; Moses; Joshua and Jericho; Daniel and the lions; Joseph and his brothers; David and Goliath; King Solomon; Ruth; Nahum; and some of the prophets.. We will have a snack, story, activities and an art project.
We have a fully staffed Nursery for children 0 through 3 years old.
Elizabeth Rosenberg and Nick Rosenberg, our Children's Ministries leaders will be working with the children from  4 years old through 3rd grade.
Summer Pearson, our Youth Ministry Leader, leads activities starting at 2:0 0pm each Sunday for those  in grades 5-12.
The 4th-6th graders will be meeting several times a month (to be announced) with parent volunteers.