Youth Ministry Activities


Christmas Pageant 2015, with Children's Ministry participating

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Service Project Day to our Members on July 12, 2015



End of the Year Pool Party, June 28, 2015


The week of June 22-June 26 the Youth participated in the annual Vacation Bible School.


June 7 was when we we went to College Days.



At the end of May we attended Faith Night at RFK  soccer Stadium!  


May 17m we explored at the Smithsonian Institute. 



On April 26th, the groups hiked at Great Falls Park. It was a beautiful day and the pictures will show how much the day was enjoyed!



Great news from the youth spaghetti fundraiser on March 29: The youth raised $550 dollars, after expenses to help with youth retreat this summer.  And the food was delicious~






On January 18, 2015 18 volunteers participated in the Manna Food Drive Service Project.



On October 24-25, Eight volunteers from the youth ministry went to Deep Roots at Clairvaux Farm, and assisted with a mass mailing that is expected to help raise proceeds to support the organization for the first part of 2015. Thanks to everyone who participated through donations and/or participation. It was a great trip, and Riverdale was represented very well!



On September 28, we went to the National Zoo in Washington DC, along with the Children's Ministry. What a fun time we had! 


September 21st both of the groups visited the Oakview Rehabilitation and Nursing Center in Silverspring, MD to work on a Service Project. We visited with the seniors and sang for them.




 Youth Trip to Six Flags was a great success with 13 kids and 4 adults attending.  Schedule out for the fall with worship plans, service projects and field trips. Next event is help with the Fall Celebration and music practice for service project trip in September.  See the posted schedules and be in touch with Summer Pearson for details (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). 


"Thank you so much to those who contributed to the Youth Ministries fund for the Six Flags trip.   You contributed $340, which was a significant help in purchasing tickets for our young people.  Because of your generosity, every child who wanted to participate in the field trip was able to participate.  Kudos to you!



August 10 Water Worship





News from the Youth Program grades 5 and up. The trip on Monday, July 21st for "Screen on the Green" on the National Mall was a huge success with 12 kids participating to relax on the mall, picnic, and watch a move.


 Youth Program grades 5 and up:  We have amazing young people! On August 10, with participation by 18 youth and the theme of "Set Apart," we talked about differences and positive ways each person is different. We sang songs, we broke through "Red Rover" barriers, and we got wet!