Riverdale Presbyterian Church supports a wide variety of local, national, and international mission organizations. Our mission efforts fall into several basic areas: annual mission giving, special offerings, mission activities and youth activities. If you have any ideas or suggestions concerning our mission activities, please contact Jean Kline.


Mission Giving


Includes funding to groups such as:

 - National and International Mission of the Presbyterian Church (USA)

 - The work of the following local mission organizations


Special Mission Support


Offerings have been used to support the victims of hurricanes in the south. We have raised funds to establish a Refugee Relief Fund to assist families of our Church (new to us and our nation) settle into our community. We have two families of our Church who are in America having been granted political asylum. We supported Tim Young as he spent the summer serving with Global Storm in Cambodia.   www.globalstorm.org 


Congratulations to Martin Ngwa (Che) for acceptance into the Young Adult Volunteer program of the Presbyterian Church (USA).  Martin joined over 70 other young adults serving at 21 different sites in the US and around the world.  This is a one-year program which started in August of 2014 for Martin at the Denver, Colorado site.  http://www.rivpres.org/index.php/ministries/mission-ministries-2.  See also Martin's blog at www.martingngwa.tumbler.com


Check out our Youth Mission Activities and the video from one of our Mission Trips. 


Cameroon Mission Update:  



C.A.T.E. - Community Action for Technical Excellence.  In the first phase, RPC collected items and filled the container going to Cameroon and over $1,000 was raised.  Since then, Godlove Kobe and his family were able to spend 5 months in Cameroon getting the container unloaded and the new facility established. Phase 2 established the school and library. Doctors are using the library as well as locals. Phase 3 connection to the Internet was completed. Phase 4 is a future hope that volunteers will visit Cameroon to represent RPC.  Godlove shared photos of the computer room which is fully set up and ready to go.  Godlove traveled to Cameroon in December 2014 for dedication of the facility.



CROP WALK 2014 - Sponsored by Church World Service and 25 local churches and groups in our county.  




CCSI answers over 127,000 calls, of which over 40,000 were for homeless services. Through the Warm Nights Hypothermia Shelter, CCSI provided over 5,200 bed-nights within Prince George's County for families and individuals. Warm Nights remains the only Hypothermia Shelter in the Greater DC Metro area that provides shelters to families. 

In 2014, CCSI hosted its first annual Riverdale Park Cares Help the Homeless Community and Resource Day, featuring 25 different organizations, congregations and businesses that provided much needed information to access community, family and social services. 

CCSI is a beneficiary of the Fannie Mae Help the Homeless Program. To access the full benefits available through Fannie Mae, our agency must provide 4000 (paid) participants in various walks/events throughout the Metro DC area. 


For more on Local Mission, refer to the 'Community Support' tab.