From the Pastor:


Come and join us here at Riverdale Presbyterian Church. Bring us your unique self, so we can get to know you!


I, myself, joined the Riverdale Church as Pastor in December 2017.  Together we are re-visioning and rebuilding our future. Over the lifetime of any and all congregations, a church will cycle through changes as the surrounding community evolves and incorporates new generations. Riverdale has a long history in University Park as a neighborhood church. This church might now be considered a connectional church, as we reach beyond the immediate neighborhood.Thus we worship as a diverse community of faith.  Ours is a combination of traditional American church and the traditions of our African, mostly Cameroon, members.  Every one is welcome here! Blessings abound as we come to know each other on deeper and deeper levels.


Our children bring us delight each week as they present their most recent learning about Jesus Christ during the worship service.  Several times a year our Teens lead worship themselves. Religious education is provided for the children from ages 4 up.  The children have lessons during the worship service (after Children’s Time), and the Teens have Bible study from 11:30-1:00.  Phyllis Tucker-Saunders, is our Children and Youth Director.  She loves the children and teaches them well.


I do my best to provide a message each week that draws guidance from the Scripture while applying that wisdom to the circumstances we all meet in the world.  I rely on the Holy Spirit to guide my words.  And, I have spent many years praying and studying in order to bring understanding to my sermons.  You will find that I care about my congregation, celebrating with them in happy times as well as walking beside them as life’s struggles abide.


We are here each Sunday at 10:00 a.m. in the sanctuary of the Word of God Baptist church, another loving congregation and partner in Christ with us.  After worship we fellowship to continue our celebration of the Lord’s Day.


I wish you Joy and Peace!  Hoping to meet you soon…


Rev. Lucy Scofield Bowerman